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Name | Version: Split Wizard 1.4
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Split Wizard 1.4 for Ableton: Device Overview

Split Wizard is an advanced audio separation tool designed for Ableton Live, leveraging the power of Demucs v4, a state-of-the-art source separation model. It efficiently deconstructs audio stems into up to six distinct elements, offering seven specialized models for precise audio separation. The device utilizes Hybrid Transformer Demucs technology for superior separation quality, offering models that cater to various needs, including the separation of drums, bass, vocals, guitar, and piano.

Installation Instructions

Compatibility: Split Wizard is currently compatible only with OSX systems/ macOS 10.13 up and Windows 10/11.

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1. Ensure you have Max for Live and Python 3.9 (which is usually already installed) on your computer.

2. Unzip the downloaded folder called "Split Wizard Project."

3. Move this folder to the following location on your computer: User/Documents/Max 8/Max for Live devices folder.

4. Inside the "Split Wizard Project" folder, navigate to the "other" subfolder.

5. Double-click on the file named "FFMPEG."(Optional)

6. Launch Ableton Live.

7. In Ableton Live, load the "Split Wizard.amxd" device from the "Split Wizard" folder.

8. Click the 'Setup' button within the device and wait until you see the "Wizard is Ready" message. (Do this only once.)

9. Choose the desired model from the provided list.

10. Select an audio clip in Ableton Live and click Start. Once it's done, a folder containing the separated stems will open automatically. You can import these stems into Ableton Live by dragging and dropping them.

What's new

Experimental mode

- To Use high performance of less powerful GPU (at your own risk)

How to use

[Menu]: Sets the model names.

[GPU]: Toggles the use of GPU for processing.

[Vocal/Multi]: Sets the solo vocal mode status.

[Segments]:Sets the segment length for processing with GPU.[Segmenting is particularly useful when dealing with memory constraints on GPUs, as it splits the audio into smaller chunks that are processed independently. Example: Setting segments to 10 will divide the audio into segments of 10 seconds each for processing. This can be helpful if the GPU has limited memory but may impact the quality if the segments are too short.

[Clip]:Sets the clipping mode to choose between rescale and clamp modes for audio clipping.

[Shifts]:Sets the number of shifts for processing [A value of 1 means no additional shifts are applied (standard processing). Higher values (like 2, 3, 4, etc.) increase the number of shifts, enhancing quality at the cost of longer processing times.

[Experimental]: Use High quality isolation on low performance system (Slower)

Model Descriptions:

htdemucs: The first version of Hybrid Transformer Demucs.

htdemucs_ft: A fine-tuned version of the htdemucs, offering enhanced quality at the cost of increased processing time.

htdemucs_6s: Capable of separating up to six stems, including piano and guitar.

hdemucs_mmi: Based on Hybrid Demucs v3 technology.

mdx: Trained exclusively on the MusDB HQ dataset for high-quality separation.

mdx_extra: An extended version of mdx, trained with additional data.

mdx_q, mdx_extra_q: Quantized versions of the mdx and mdx_extra models, offering a balance between performance and quality.

Split Wizard opens up new possibilities in audio production, providing unparalleled flexibility and quality in stem separation for music producers and audio engineers using Ableton Live.


Live Version Used: 11.
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Dec 19 2023 22:12:52
Date Last Updated: May 20 2024 00:33:29
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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This device is pretty amazing with the different ways the models act as some can give you interesting stems that are highly intriguing for sound design. I did have some installation issues but that was on my end. If you're on Window be sure that when installing the python version to check the "install PATH" box and when unzipping the device contents make sure to place it in the location: This PC>OS Drive>Users>[your Username]>One Drive>Documents>Max 8>Max For Live Devices.
Ostin is a REMARKABLE developer and troubleshooter. He worked with me to resolve an issue patiently and worked with me to ensure any issues during install were resolved, and he didn't even have to. Excellent human and I'd purchase any of his devices.
One of the most useful tools in a longtime. Actually all of his tools.
This one has now made sampling matrix level creative again!
Is there any chance this device could be running on the Push 3 Standalone?
Does it work with live 10?

My email is on Gumroad also there is a mailing service there.
More than happy to go across the instructions step with you.

A tip is to point the max app in your Ableton Live preferences, some users had to do so.

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