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Name | Version: VocoderNoise 1.0.1. 1.0.1
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: XY 1.0.1 is the utility device that allows to map the noise parameter of Ableton native Vocoder, any Macro or external hardware.

To use NOISELOCK VocoderXY, click on the vocoder and lock the pad. (You can keep using the normal cursor if you need)

The parameter range is 0-127.


When you want to place the NOISELOCK VocoderXY device in a group, please pair it before and then drag it in the group.

It won't pair if the Vocoder is in a Audio Effect Rack.

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Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Aug 27 2023 23:54:10
Date Last Updated: Nov 17 2023 17:26:30
Downloads: 0

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License: AttributionShareAlike
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Wuoooooo!!!! Well done man!
map the noise parameter of Ableton native Vocoder, anywhere you prefer.

What do you mean by that?

I just mean, you could explain a bit better what the plug does.
Any macro or external hardware.
Regardless the mapping with this device you can also load multiple instances and connect it to different LFO, in that way the vocoder will very quickly go from value to value creating amazing artefacts!

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