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Name/Version: Poly-Braids 1.1.1 Hotfix Apple Silicon Compatible 1.1
Author: terrordisco  
Description: MAC ONLY!

Vingtdeux created a Instrument version of Braids by Mutable Instruments.

This is an update with M1 compatible internals. My only contribution is switching those out.

You can check out Vingtdeux' original here which explains the device much better.

Please comment and let me know if it's running on your M1 / M2 / apple silicon mac.
- Or if you've got a link to a Windows compatible build.

Hope this helps.

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Info from Vingtdeux' original:

Here we go again ! So, I guess it's time to do Braids now...

6 voices polyphony | ADSR controls | Push mapped | All the controls found in Volker Böhm's external
*1.1 : fixed an issue with automation


All the hard work comes from :

- Émilie Gillet, creator of these modules

- Volker Böhm who made these externals ->

- cipp0 for the pretty encoders ->

If you're looking for the Plaits version, it's here :

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Downloads: 150
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.5.4
Date Added: May 07 2023 18:26:09
Date Last Updated: May 07 2023 18:38:53
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Poly-Braids 1.1.amxd


not working for me, M1 mbpro. Ventura 13.3. Latest version of ableton

Hopefully Braids & Plaits will work perfect before long..

hoping it gets working too! much appreciation to terror disco for the work!

it loads for me fine, but zero sound is coming out.

terrordisco thank you for this!

it opens and I can actually see the interface of the device instead of that annoying apple silicon compatibility message but like the comment above I couldn't get it to output any sound...

the mutable knobs also don't show up on the device's interface.

I tried opening it with max device editor and the console shows some pictctrl - can't find file errors for the knob pngs and a bunch of poly~ errors.

perhaps it could be some file path issue?

I don't know much about max but could try to help you if you want. would love to have this working on the M1 :)

quick update about my comment above: it was a path thing. I swapped the braids external in my max project with a new one compiled for arm64 and now it works!

@luigipietro20 can you tell us how to do that haha. Ill try to figure it out based on your comment tho!

So this one is broken...

I'm talking to Emile Gillet, who made this device, and though he uses the new M1 compatible version of the Br?hm externals, each time he builds with them, the outcome is still "incompatible". I think it's because his mac is Intel, although I'm not sure.

So I wonder if someone who knows max well enough and is using an Apple Silicon mac could fix this thing, verify that it opens on someone else's mac (not in a shambles, as mine does), and share it with us?

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