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Name/Version: DreamyDelay -- A Ultimate M4L Delay Device 2.0
Author: DarlingLee  
Description: A Ultimate M4L Delay Device(Zh&En), including delay, reverb, side chain compressor and filter.

You can create any delay effect you want. It has synchronous tempo, pingpong, and simultaneous adjustment of left and right channels. You can choose to determine the delay time according to the number of milliseconds or beats,etc;

You can even customize the device to work as an insert or send mode;

You can perform high/low cut processing on the output sound;

And You can perform side chain compression on signals after delay and reverberation processing,the side chain source You can select the signal received by this device or the output signal of any track in the ableton live.

You can learn more here:

1.2 Update log:

1.Add left or right channel delay time offset function, you can adjust the delay offset of up to 500 ms;

2.Add the function of eliminating feedback residual(D.R. button.default on,take effect when adjusting the delay time .)

1.3 Update log:

1. Fix consistent bugs:

1.1 Fixed the problem that when the plug-in was just loaded, the delaytime was displayed for 1 second, but the actual delaytime was not 1 second;

1.2 Fixed the problem that when the synchronization mode is turned on, after adjusting the delaytime (number of beats), and then clicking to turn off the synchronization mode, the delaytime is not synchronized to the correct number of milliseconds;

2.Added the light feedback effect of the side chain compression GR table.

2.0 Update log:

1.The UI has been redesigned to be more consistent with the Dreamy series products (which includes DreamyVerb).

2.The low-cut and high-cut functions have been removed and replaced with a tone knob.

3.The internal signal processing mechanism has been redesigned.

4.The presets have been redesigned.

5.The bypass button and the option to select insert/send at device startup have been removed, and replaced with an option to output dry signal, wet signal, or mix signal.

6.The sidechain compression section has been removed and replaced with an duck option that has "off, normal ducking, strong ducking" options. It no longer provides the function of sidechain compression for a specific track signal (only ducking for the received signal).

7.The reverb section and complex parameters have been removed and replaced with a pop-up adjustment knob, which is more convenient and faster to use.









Device Details

Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: May 03 2023 06:31:59
Date Last Updated: May 03 2023 06:33:19
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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