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Name/Version: Overtake 1.0
Author: Unroot  
Description: If you like Rack Macros and Marco Variations but 16 Macros are not enough - Overtake may help you.

Overtake also allows you to use Marco Controls and Variations for parameters outside of a Rack, e.g. with send knobs.

It's very simple device with 16 sliders that you can map to plugin parameters that are over the limit of 16 Macros in Instrument Rack.

Then, you create another Rack with Overtake inside and map Macros to the 16 Overtake sliders.

I know, there are plenty of devices that deal with the 16 Marco limit. I created it for my own use, it's very straight forward and quick to set up, maybe you'll find it useful.

If you are looking for an advanced mapper with additional features, I recommend ultimapper32MIDI by mothergarage.

Tip: Since you can't launch Variations is different rack with a single MIDI mapping (am I wrong?), it makes sense to split different types of plugin parameters between it's own Rack and Overtake, e.g.: oscillator Macros and Variations in plugin's Rack and filter controls in Overtake Rack. This way you can launch oscillator and filter Variations separately, what can make musical sense.

This is an audio device, like LFO, so it goes at the end of the track chain. Audio is passed through without changes.

Mapping button comes from Ableton's LFO device, I removed the blinking feature during mapping. So, my work here was minimal.

I'm looking for an advanced Max developer who would like to create a few original devices with me, for commercial release.

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Downloads: 448
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Apr 20 2023 17:31:03
Date Last Updated: May 08 2023 07:20:01
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Unroot Overtake.amxd


Great device. Simple but useful. I use it to randomize the parameters of M4L devices and plugins with more then 16 knobs.

This device would be even more perfect if the mapped parameter values would transfer to the ableton macro knob in stead of showing values from 0.00 till 1.00

Muchas gracias, por compartir este dispositivo, he usado tu dispositivo para crear un video .

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