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MIDI UTILITIES by MONOTALE is a collection of 6 Midi Devices.



It consist in :


PHRASER is not an arpeggiator, it is a performance orientated device, it adds notes to a note played with the key. The notes can be selected by hand or it can be set by Random, as well as Velocity and Duration. It had also a REPEAT probability function, who repeats at a random stage a note. The speed can be set at different times divisions.


Simple but effective SH style arppegiator. The user enter the notes with the Keyboard and no matter how it was played the arpegiattor will do their own arppeggio when the user hit the Start button. The Velocity and Duration can be set by Random or Manually. It include a Swing function and three ways to arpeggiate the notes, up, down and Up&Down. Max duration is 16 steps.


VELOCITY FORMS provides a 16 steps of sequencer velocity. The user can draw his own form, or use one of the four forms pre made on the devices. Also the user can just randomize the values with the Random button or it can be set as a continuously random/drunk values.


CHORD MEMORIZER is a device that allows the user to set one by one the keys of the chord on the up keyboard, when it is done, the user assign that chord to any key on the down keyboard by pressing one note on the midi controller. The duration of the chords can be set by a number box on the right side of the device.


NOTE REPEATER is a replica of the repeat function of the classic Akai Mpc line. It allow the user to set the time division and press any key to be repeated, it can be activated by pressing the SPACE BAR on the computer keyboard, also includes a Swing function. A must for drum rolls and driving rolling rhythms.


RANDOM REPEAT is almos like the classic random midi device from Ableton's native, but with the difference that this devices repeats X2, X3 or X4 times the random notes. So every random note will be repeated by the times the user set.

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Tags sequencer, effect, utility, other
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Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Apr 01 2023 22:52:46
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Device Type: midi_device
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