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Name/Version: WoFO Sync 1.0
Author: Syncretia  
Description: WoFO Sync - Sync any device parameter with any other device parameter

WoFO - Wobble the $%#% out of anything!

SpectreGadget - Pitch shift anything without destroying the time.

OK. Here I am dropping another beastly patch. The internet is abuzz with talk of the legendary "WoFO" patch which has been hailed as "The greatest patch, nay greatest piece of software to ever be experienced on a computer". Now you can take it even further with WoFO Sync. Let's see what all the cool kids are saying about Syncretia's patches:

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Seriously, create sth new, Wobble is so stale...

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As you can see, people would struggle to live without WoFO. Now, here is WoFO Sync!

As usual, listen to and download my music:

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If my music is @#$# just@#$#ing tell me! I want to hear it. Seriously.

Rate this 5. Now! Don't bother downloading it first.

What Does It Do? Why Use It?

This patch takes one device parameter and syncs it with another device parameter. So, for example, you could wobble a Lo Pass Filter at the same time as wobbling a talking filter but they would be sync'd.

Some LFOs give you multiple outputs inside an instrument. That's great, but what happens when you want to wobble two parameters in two different instruments / FX?

You could stick two different LFOs on, but then you would have the problem that the LFO waves would go out of phase with eachother and create a @#!# sound. This patch solves this problem.

If you are already LFO'ing a parameter, you can now sync that parameter's value with a parameter on a different instrument. This works really well with the original WoFO patch.

This means you can get a think layered sound like for example Skrillex's talking bass line where multiple parameters are wobbled with the same LFO.

How To

-Drag in an instrument device that you want to wobble (Massive is particularly good as an example)
-Select a patch where there are two parameters you want to wobble (In Massive try Modern Talking / Sin-Sqr with a Low Pass 4 Filter)
-In the device's Ableton box, click "Configure" and midi map the two parameters you want to wobble.
-Now Wobble (LFO) one of the parameters (Follow WoFO steps to wobble, use a different LFO, or just manually create an envelope)
-Drag an instance of WoFO sync to the end of your chain.
-Click learn or follow the first set (source) of drop down lists to select the parameter you want to copy.
-Click learn or follow the second set (target) of drop down lists to select the parameter you want to wobble.
-Your target parameter should now wobble like the source.


1) This is complicated. Why did you design it like this?

I could have just as easily expanded WoFO to wobble multiple parameters. But, this patch will work with any LFO or even manually made envelope. The design is simple and opens up a lot of power at the expense of a little more configuration.

2) Why does it take up so much screen real-estate. a) You have to look at my website. b) See the point above.

3) Why do I have to look at another poo brown interface?

Because you love it. You #$#$ing love it.

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Downloads: 1145
Tags lfo, utility, glitch, other
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Sep 17 2011 03:52:54
Date Last Updated: Sep 17 2011 03:58:47
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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Device File: WoFO Sync.amxd


Your write ups are fucking amazing haha. I found your transposer patch on IDMf btw. That seems like something I should mention... I'm in the middle of adding it to a cross synth instrument I'm making, so if you have a problem with that let me know (Y)

Dude, that's great! I'm working on something similar. You should read the last pages on these Ableton threads: and Definitely drop me an email because I'm keen to exchange ideas and get something going.

check out my new tune without any wofo or wofo sync ;)

it's impossible to make this with wofo

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