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The Slink Bundle merges sound with the physics of water while acting as powerful motors of creativity in any project. Whether approached with precision or spontaneous exploration, the Slink devices are suitable for users of all technical levels, easily offering endless hypnotizing and dynamic results.


Slink Filter is an automated filter bank developed by Hypnus’ founder Michel Iseneld and Alexander Berg (Dorisburg), in collaboration with Chaos Culture.

Slink Filter creates anything from extreme spectral stereo morphing to soft tonal variations.

We have designed it to unite eye and ear into an intuitive and inspiring workflow, giving fast results while allowing endless in-depth tweaking for the curious mind.

Main Features

Unique spectral morphing characteristics
Intuitive controls and display
Easy to use with deep explorative potential
High audio quality
Surgical stereo controls
Internal modulation patching
How it works

Inspired by the movement of water, Slink Filter is animated by an algorithm that sends ripples through the amplitudes of 32 bandpass filters. These filters are divided into the left and right audio channels, at fixed frequency points, creating a unique morphing stereo effect.


Slink LFO is a modulation source and the core idea upon which we have built the other Slink devices. With it, you may control virtually any parameter in Ableton Live, or your outboard gear with the CV version, in a synchronized fluid motion.

It is designed to encourage experimentation, giving freedom or control where it is needed to support your creativity.

The device also features a reimagined sample and hold section, introducing rhythmical, dance-like movements into the evolving waves.

Main Features

An organically synchronized array of LFO signals
CV version for connection to outboard gear
Up to 32 outputs
Reimagined sample and hold section
Intuitive controls and display
Easy to use with deep explorative potential
Internal modulation patching
How it works

We created Slink by designing a control panel that introduces various ways to phase-shift and amplitude-modulate 16 sine waves. Each wave controls a node you can map to control other parameters in your Ableton Live project.


Slink MIDI is a note generator that creates MIDI values by periodically sampling the node amplitudes of two independently animated Slink waves.

The result is an endless stream of evolving musical patterns and a reimagined way to approach sequencing. All packed in an intuitive interface that excites the playful and curious mind.

Main Features

A unique approach to sequencing and MIDI creation
Two separate Slink wave generating pitch, velocity, note length and velocity values
Intuitive controls and display
Easy to use with deep explorative potential
Internal modulation patching
How it works

Slink MIDI uses two Slink waves, each created by combining and tweaking the oscillations of 16 phase-shifted sine waves.
The amplitude of each wave, shown as vertically moving nodes, is sampled and converted into pitch, velocity, and note length values.


Slink Pan generates panning patterns from an algorithm inspired by the natural movement of water to create an organically morphing stereo effect.

Main Features

Uniquely organic stereo movements.
Intuitive controls and visual feedback.
Easy to use with deep explorative potential.
Internal modulation patching.

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 24 2023 18:14:11
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