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Name | Version: NOIZEBOX by LDM Design 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios
Device Type: Audio Effect

Another simple but extremely effective MaxforLive Instrument from the developer behind Strumroll. The Noizebox app can create unique and creative sounds from a simple idea. It uses a noise source with a density control to allow sounds from vinyl crackles to ripping sounds to full noise.

Place it on a MIDI Track and let it do it’s thing!!


Noise Source – Select between white and pink noise.

Density – The noise is filtered by another white noise oscillator connected to a threshold control. This will control the density of noise coming through. This can be affected by the density envelope.

Envelopes – There are 3 envelopes, Amp, Density and Filter. Change the attack, decay, sustain and release values using the envelope GUI or the knobs. Change the curve of the transitions on the GUI by clicking and dragging.

Filter – Select between Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Bandreject. Set the filter cutoff, and set the amount that the filter envelope affects the cutoff.

Smooth – This will attenuate the output to smooth out fast changes in amplitude. Amplitude – This sets the maximum value for the Amp envelope.
Velocity to Volume – Set the amount that velocty values will affect the volume of the device

Overdrive – Add some extra grit

Chorus – Set the chorus level and depth.
Gain – Set the final volume level for device output.


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 10 2023 14:25:00
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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