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Name/Version: FUZZ-A-ME 1.0
Author: AVAL  
Description: FUZZ-A-ME is a free max4live designed and built by Aval.

It’s a distortion device that can range from subtle to exaggerated.

There are 6 types of “Color”, virtual analog circuits that alter the saturation result, in order: Valve, Tube, Diode, Nonlinear, Overdrive, Sinusoidal; and 3 types of Soft Clips to choose from, in order Digital, Basic (cubic), Simple (wave folding). It is possible change the gain by simply clicking on the waveform and dragging up or down to make the sound more or less distorted, also there is a gate with threshold (the white line on the scope), in order to distort certain sounds, and a custom tone dial that allows to EQ balance the the output.

This free effect device is perfect to add some warm, crunchiness or huge fuzz to your sound, make it finally coming out from your mix, or turn your voice, guitar or bass into an old broken synthesizer.

IMPORTANT: The scope only works with Ableton 11

White Line: set the threshold for the Gate.
“Color” menu : choose the type of distortion (Valve, Tube, Diode, Nonlinear, Overdrive, Sinusoidal).
Soft Clip buttons : choose the type of Soft Clip (Digital, Basic, Simple)
Gain (waveform) : Change the input gain
Tone : Change the output tone
DW : Dry/Wet

PRODUCT TAGS: Saturator, Fuzz, Distortion, Soft Clipping, Limiter, Virtual analog, Gate, Tone

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 02 2023 13:20:54
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None

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