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Name | Version: -ASK- Meta Macro 8x 2.0
Author: Askondo
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Meta Macro basically looks like an Ableton device rack and resembles its macro controls, with a floating view and many convenient functions for Live performance and customization.

Map most parameters in Live to the macros, assign custom curves, create snapshots of the macro dial values for a live performance, and much more!

The Meta Macro device comes with the following key features:

- 8 Macro parameters that can map 2/4/8 parameters(see versions).
- "Locate" button in the edit view for each mapped parameter, for easier navigation of the set
- "Locate" button on the floating view to easily find the Meta Macro device in the Liveset
- User curves for each mapped parameter. Curves can be imported and exported. Quick selector for linear, exponential, and logarithmic curves.
- Integrated floating view system (all my devices use this system) can snap multiple floats and arrange them to your liking in clusters
- Snapshot functionality (for different) and the possibility to only trigger the snapshot on downbeat.
- Exclude the loading of individual macro dials through snapshot loading
- Full Midi mapping capabilities for all important functions (done in device view, not on the floating views due to limitations of Max for Live/Ableton Live)
- Color Editor to customize each individual Meta Macro instance

Please note that there are three versions of the meta macro (capable of mapping 1, 2, 4, or 8 parameters per macro) See the other versions.

Update 1.1.
- Added live.banks for control surface integration (Push, etc)
- Added display of "real" value of the curent parameter instead of 0.-1 to advanced curve editor

Update 1.5
- Added the ability to map the macro dials to a control surface script control

Gone are the days of tedious manual Midi mappings! The Meta Macro now automatically stores your control surface mappings, so you can easily load pre-configured instances from one set to another. Plus, you can save the Meta Macro nested in a Rack to transfer all your mappings that refer to nested controls.

With the ability to change the LED feedback style of your hardware controller, you can now enjoy a fully customized music-making experience. And with the whole mapping logic refactored for increased efficiency, you can focus on creating and performing without any interruptions.

Get ready to take your music production to the next level with the updated Meta Macro device. I can't wait to see what you'll create!

Update 1.6
- Added Randomize function (can be key or midi mapped) for dials.
- Hold Alt/Option key and click on respective button to disable this randomize function for individual macros.
- fixed a bug with loading user curves
- fixed a bug that broke the lag function
- Improved smoothing for parameter values

Update 2.0
- Added Color Editor to make floating views easier to identify and customize each individual instance
- Hold Alt/Option key and click on respective button to disable this snapshot recall function for individual macros.


Live Version Used: 11.2.11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 01 2023 15:02:02
Date Last Updated: Nov 12 2023 09:41:27
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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Looks rad! How detailed is the curve editor? Is it similar to say the Shaper device in Ableton? Do any of the data values it's mapped to show up on the curve? eg. If Frequency is being mapped, do the Y values on the curve show the frequency or is it always a 0-1 scale?

Hey there, thanks for the kudos!

It's planned to display the current value(of the corresponding parameter at the mapped macro position) for the extended envelope editor in the floating view.

So basically when you move the macro knob you see the translated value.

Unfortunately, it relies on unofficial M4L API calls so it comes with the caveat of printing a lot of warnings in the M4L console.

I'll post an upgrade on gumroad soon.
Great device. Nice work. Only thing I'm missing is the RND button to randomize all the mapped parameters per macro. A button for every macro knob for instance.
Thanks for your feedback.

A Random Button should be easy to implement.
I'll consider it for the next update!

Some more wishes for the M4L santa:
1. Resizeable window where the macros can get bigger (I always found it very difficult to have to look at these small macro labels)
2. The ability to align the macro knobs in the floating window (that's a special one for the OCD crowd out here)
Is there any way to display the Macro names on Push2? I just bought Meta Macro and really hoped for that to work.
Thanks for the feedback,
A possibility to scale the floating window is in the making.

Aligning the macros is unfortunately out of discussion.
I saw the performance pack that Ableton brought out with Live 12, where one can arrange many controls to one's liking. Maybe that is better suited for you?

Unfortunately, I'm only one person and can't rewrite the whole device to make this possible. I started these devices with the concept of resembling the Live UI.


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