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Name/Version: NedFX - Lucky 16 by Ned RUSH 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios  
Description: NedFX Lucky 16 by Ned Rush is a collection of MaxforLive Audio Effects processor for sound design both in the studio and on the stage.

Mixing probability and hands on performance in a simple interface, sounds can quickly be repeated, reversed, scratched, stretched, crushed, modulated and turned in strange spaces.

You can tweak them live, automate them in the sequencer, or resample what they do and make new sounds.

But remember one thing! They are called “Lucky” for a reason. You don’t know what you’ll get. Some devices will randomize internal parameters on each trigger, offering a huge array of unexpected results to keep you inspired. Enjoy NedFX.


"Chances are your rave signals have lost their luster. Chances are you need a little lucky on your lacking. These rave tools are the Yahtzee to your sonic hope throws. Could well be the I Ching on the rave cake" - Jamie Lidell

"The outward simplicity of the NedFX device design masks a complex set of effects resulting in some fascinating and surprising sound design" - Halina Rice


The NedFX collection all share the same simple and intuitive interface which mixes probability with hands on performance.


Increasing this fader will increase the chance that the effect will switch on. 0 means no chance. 127 is fully on and constantly triggering the effect. Experiment with various settings for subtle to extreme effects.


This control will effect the trigger clock divider/multiplier/quantizer. This will set the rate or timing for when the effect will be triggered, for example, 1n means the effect with trigger every bar. 16n means the effect will trigger every 16th note. This also acts as a time based quantizer when switching between various rates, so if you are currently set to 1n and move to 16n, it will wait until the 1n clock is finished before moving to the next clock. This parameter is mappable so you can tweak various timings live.


This is the probability slider for each clock rate (2). Click and drag up around the sliders to set the probability for that clock timing. If one clock timing suits your taste, maybe set it high, whilst setting some others low to add some variations. The sliders will turn a darker colour to indicate that they are active.
We hope you enjoy NedFX and that it adds something to your work.

Device Details

Tags glitch
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Dec 20 2022 15:53:10
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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