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Name/Version: Clip Scroll 1.0
Author: Oktagon  
Description: Clip Scroll is a device designed to allow easy browsing from Push of a track filled with audio loops. While the workflow is probably too specific to my setup to be useful as is, I think the technique used to do dynamic text parameters on the Push might be of interest, and it would be easy to remove/change the bits you don't want to use if you just like the browser itself.

The motivation for doing this is I wanted quick access in a live set to a curated list of loops, but also wanted to be able to use Ableton grooves. This ruled out the use of Simpler for example.

Please watch the linked youtube demo for a better idea of how it works.

Requirements to use the device:

- You need all of your loops as clips in a single audio track.
- Each clip must be named as bankname|soundname|patternname (with the pipe character as a separator).
- You cannot use any numerical characters!
- Clip Scroll should be the first device in the track, followed by Ableton Drum Buss (which will be automatically linked to Clip Scroll).
- The clips should all have the same groove applied from the groove pool (if you want to use the quantise feature).

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Downloads: 248
Tags utility, other, dj, push
Live Version Used: 11.2
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Nov 27 2022 18:51:51
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: Clip_Scroll.amxd

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