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Name/Version: Paradox 3.0.1
Author: TristanSutcliffe  
Description: Paradox is a tempo step sequencer and modulator. Use this device in conjunction with my other Max for Live devices.

- Set and minimum bpm and a maximum bpm range, to modulate between. There are currently 10 channels to emit tempo from, allowing for 10 instances in the DAW.

- Other Max for Live programs can receive the tempo from any track in Live so a single instance can be used for the whole project.

- Sync Ableton Live's global transport tempo to Paradox's tempo.

- Modulate the LFO with the emitted tempo for strange patterns.

- Set to free mode and use automation to draw the tempo.

- Other devices to use with:
Sampler for Live 11:
Sampler for Live 10:
Step Sequencer:
MIDI Repeater:
MIDI Echo:
MIDI Slicer:

More to upload soon...

Known issues:
- IMPORTANT: There appears to be a bug with M4L integration with Ableton and the use of udpsend and udpreceive. You must have stand alone Max closed for the packets to be consumed.

- Because the programs calculate the current beat/bar they should be at in relation to the playhead and the current tempo of Paradox, and the current tempo of Ableton, the devices do not perform correctly while Live's transport is not playing and they are synced with Paradox.

- The devices do not modulate properly when freezing tracks. I believe this has to do with Ableton not playing the transport while freezing a single track. This is not a problem when exporting a project. Workaround is to create an audio track and arm it for recording and record the output.

Change Notes:
3.0.1 - Minor UI tweak.

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Downloads: 179
Tags lfo, sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.2.2
Date Added: Nov 21 2022 09:58:45
Date Last Updated: Nov 25 2022 11:46:48
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Paradox.amxd


Those are all excellent devices Tristan, I love them.

Glad you're enjoying using them! :)

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