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Name/Version: Achilles Live 11 1.2
Author: TristanSutcliffe  
Description: Achilles is a sampler, that can use its own custom tempo for sample playback. One feature allows you to modulate loop points using automation or LFO tool like CV LFO.

It can sync timing with a tempo sequencer called Paradox, which can be downloaded here:

IMPORTANT: This device only works with Ableton Live 11.2 or higher. The reason is live.adsr~ envelope object was added in Max 8.2. If you are using a version less than 11.2, I have a compatible version of Achilles here:

1.1 Added rampsmooth~ to try and help with audio clicks.
1.1.1 Defer automation on some parameters. Clean-up mouse over hint on waveform~ objects.
1.1.2 Small UI tweaks.
1.2 Added master gain.

- Drag an audio file onto the file drop point and start playing MIDI through it.
- Set loop points (optional) by clicking and dragging the mouse over the waveform display, or use the loop point boxes above the waveform.
- Modulate the speed of the sample playback using the grain tempo dials.
- Use Live's transport tempo or Paradox's transport tempo. Paradox mode will not work unless paradox is present in the DAW, and Max stand alone application is closed.

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Downloads: 148
Tags synth, sampler, glitch
Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.2.2
Date Added: Nov 20 2022 05:34:53
Date Last Updated: Nov 25 2022 11:14:58
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: Achilles.amxd


This looks really cool but I just spent 20 minutes with it and I can't get a sound from it. LOL. I have tried triggering the sample I put in all different ways on live, adjusting parameters etc. But no sound. Any help? is my email

Thanks for letting me know. The envelope object used is only available in Ableton Live 11 it turns out. I have created a version which is compatible with Ableton Live 10 here:

Cool looking idea, but I can't get any sound out of it using Ableton 11. Even if they're really brief, some instructions go a long way.

I added some instructions to the description. :)

It should work as soon as an audio file is dragged into the file drop and midi notes are fed into it. If not maybe there is another compatibility issue I'm not aware of in other Live 11 versions. Are you using Live 11.2?

In my comment above there is one that works with Live 10, but it should also work in Live 11 just fine too.

Apparently I'm on 11.0.12. I thought I had the most recent version. I'll update and try again. I'll also try the version for 10, just to see what happens.

I updated to 11.2.6 and it works just fine now!

Yeah cool! I did some research. The live.adsr~ and live.adsrui~ objects were added in Max 8.2. So it?s very new. I?ll update the description to make it more clear for everyone.

I realised this morning that I haven?t added a master volume to the device. I?ll probably get that added in on the weekend.

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