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Name | Version: NOFMidiNotePitchLookup 8.0
Author: NormanFreund
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The NOF_Midi_NotePitchLookup_Rel8, from now on referred to as “the device”, remaps the incoming midi pitch IDs to outgoing midi pitch IDs according to a user specified mapping. The outgoing midi IDs are reported on the user interface (UI) along with the user defined names for each note. None pitch midi messages are mapped straight through without conversion.

The target application is re-mapping regular grid midi hardware instruments like the Ableton Push2 to a note mapping beyond what is covered by the factory installed mappings by Ableton. There are two broad categories of application: different interval mappings of the equal division of the octave (EDO) EDO12 or when used in conjunction with a micro tuner (such as Ableton Live Mircotuner) for various EDO division layouts. An example of the first category is the Tonnetz Triangle (Perfect 5ths of +7 semi-tones for one column right, and augmented 5th of +8 semi-tones for one row up) using EDO 12 tuning. An example of the second category is EDO 16 tuning with a logical keyboard layout (generally 2x75 cents column spacing, 1x75 cents row spacing) with similarities to a conventional piano keyboard but extended for the extra pitches in between the semi-tones.. Naturally categories one and two can be combined.

The mappings are defined in plain text files and loaded through the device.

There is a companion tool called “NOF_Push2Colour” by Norman Freund which colours the Push2 buttons according to a user specified scheme, which can be used to remind the user of note layouts.

A full pdf user manual and example files are provided on my GumRoad account at

The companion tool to colour your Push2 according to the custom keyboard layout designed here is my NOFPush2Colour Max for Live device,

(device, user manuals, example files)


Release 8 update:
1. Note pitch transpose options now functioning. 

2. Toggle added to note transpose matrix to either accept incoming midi continuous controller values for transpose control or not. Recommendations: ON during playing the device, OFF during play back from Live. See user manual for more details.


Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Oct 30 2022 06:58:34
Date Last Updated: Nov 02 2022 02:36:05
Downloads: 149
License: None
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Device File: NOF_Midi_NotePitchLookup_Rel08.amxd

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