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Name/Version: Time Plus 1.1.0
Author: ARFAL  
Description: Hi ! Here is Time + !

"Time +" allows you to display the current playhead position (hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds/frames) in real time, all the time. This device is primarily made for sound designers working with pictures and was intended to work with linear timecoded content.

I made this device because I needed it, I hope it will make your life easier too :)

You'll find, among other things, "Auto tempo", a feature particularly handy, it sets automatically the tempo of your session to make it synchronized with your video, depending on its number of frames. It indicates you the grid value of 1 frame.

To set it up, all you have to do is to load the "Time +" device on the track of choice, open the floating window and configure his position (it was originally designed to fit next to the bars:beats:sixteenth counter). Once it’s done you can save it in a template, or as a preset, to avoid doing these steps the next time you'll start a new session.

Here is a list of the Time + features:

- Floating window: zoomable, integrable in the Live environment,

- "Anchored" zoom mode,

- 5 presets slots to save and load user settings (mappable for recall),

- Custom 0 position: manual (bars:beats:sixteenth) or determined by the current position of the playhead (viewfinder icon),

- Custom Offset in h:m:s:ms/fr depending on "Milliseconds / Frames" modes,

- "Update locators" : Simply updates the list of locators in the current session and their position. (Since I didn't find a nice way to automate this without messing things, this button will have to be pressed each time you make locator changes.)

- "Follow" mode: When enabled, it allows user to automatically switch from a preset (in the "0 position" panel) to another by entering its number at the beginning or the end of a locator. When disabled, user will have to associate a locator to a preset by selecting it manually in the corresponding menu.

- "Command" mode: if enabled, locator names can trigger functions when the playhead pass above them. Always put a * followed by a space before then enter an function:

* goto (+ complete locator name): it will jump to the corresponding locator,
* stop: it stops the playhead,
* off : it disables the "Follow" mode,
* on : it enables the "Follow" mode.

- "Prefix" : "None" disabled prefix mode. "Cust." allows to enter a custom prefix ( by default "!"), this way the associated preset number can be placed anywhere in the locator name (ex. "locatorname ! 1 blabla" instead of "1 locatorname blabla" or "locatorname blabla 1"). This can be handy if prefixes (1, 2, 3 etc..) in the locators name have to be kept but don't correspond to the preset you want to link to it.

- "GQ" (Global Quantization): This specifically concerns the "* goto" command. When enabled, it allows to make jumps between locators spontaneously without following the global quantization.

- "0 position Panel" Presets (up to 999): Presets save only "0 position", "Offset" and "Locators" sections.

- "Playhead link": It can be enabled only when "Follow" mode is disabled. When enabled, this function allows the playhead to jump to the locator associated with the current sleected preset.

- Color picker: Since I didn't find (does it even exists ?) the right way to autocolor the background of the floating window, you'll have to drag and drop the palette icon on the color of your choice,

- Milliseconds / Frames modes,

- Number of frames selector:
- 23.976 (film; HDV w/ NTSC comp)
- 24 (film; HDV)
- 25 (PAL; HDV)
- 29.97 (NTSC; HDV)
- 30 (HDV; B&W NTSC)
- 50 (PAL; HDV)
- 59.94 (HDV w/ NTSC comp)
- 60 (HDV)

All the followings are there for a preventive reason but you shouldn't be able to use them for now:
- 120
- 200
- 240
- 300
- 960
- 1000

- "Auto Tempo" : a feature particularly handy for sound designers, it sets automatically the tempo of your session to make it synchronized with your video, depending on its number of frames,

- Grid value for 1 frame (when "Auto Tempo" is activated),

- Locate Mother: allows you to jump in 1 click to the "mother" docked device to make modifications, if you click again, it brings you back to your last selected track or device,

- Push2 optimized.

In your downloaded Time + file you’ll find:

- Time +.amxd,
- A folder called « Package (Live 11 ONLY) ».
Inside this folder you’ll find a video file !!! Installation !!! and a package ARFAL - Time +. This package permits to integrate "Time +" in the “Audio Effects” section , in the “Utilities” folder.
This is experimental so PLEASE follow carefully the “!!! Installation !!!” video and install at your own risk !

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.1.5
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Jun 08 2022 14:42:30
Date Last Updated: Jun 08 2022 15:46:33
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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