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Name/Version: Augmenta Scanner 1.0
Author: Guillaumebrvt  
Description: Augmenta Scanner is an Ableton M4L Plugin to produce music from interactions between scan bar and persons or objects movments. This tool use XY coordinate of differents sources in order to interact with the scan position. Use the Augmenta tracking system or any XY OSC coordinates to run the plugin.


Drag'n drop the scanner plugin to Ableton session in MIDI track and trigger MIDI note when persons or objects passes over the scan bar. The plugin has been developed to be drag and drop just once in the ableton session. If you put several in the session, latency and synchronization problems occur.


OSC Input
6 persons simultaneous tracking
Simulate with Augmenta Simulator. Check this link to download the simulator :
Mute option


6 areas for MIDI notes triggers :

- Mute Button to disable MIDI out of the selected person or object
- MIDI note selector
- Velocity and Duration control of the MIDI note
- Button to enable Random mode
- Speed control of random rate
- Random notes choice menu

Scales menu :

- Min
- Maj
- Scales selector
- Octave selector (When the oct1-4 mode is selected, the octave of notes triggered by persons/objects depends on their position on the bar. If they are down the octave will be low and the higher they go the higher the octave increases).

All feature of the scales menu working only when random mode is activated.

Scanner areas :

- Start/Stop scanner shift
- Speed control of the scan bar
- Choose horizontal or vertical scan
- Mapping option of the scan shift (between 0-1)
- Controle the slider with the mouse to move the scan bar as you want (when the scan shift toggle is on stop mode).
- Sync the movement of the scanner with your Ableton Master tempo (option between 1, 2 and 4 bar)
Preview window automatically adjusts according to scene size

Viewer toggle allows you to see the scene larger.


OSC output to touchdesigner for more advance visuals project to the floor


This tool was made to be used as a creative instrument in Ableton Live. Do not hesitate to experiment with the plugin in order to make your project and composition idea interactive. Have fun !


Designed & developped by Guillaume BREVET & AUGMENTA

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: May 12 2022 12:27:53
Date Last Updated: May 12 2022 12:38:40
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Device File: Augmenta Scanner.amxd

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