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Name/Version: CV Clock Out with Stop Trigger for Reset Sync 1.0.1
Author: d4vid  
Description: This is the same as Ableton's CV Clock Out device, but with an added Start/Stop toggle for the transport output that allows switching the trigger behaviour to trigger either when starting to play or when stopping Ableton Live.
This allows external Eurorack Modular hardware sequencers to actually be in sync with Ableton: Connect the transport's output to a sequence reset input on a modular device, and the clock connected to the module's clock, while having the newly added "Stop" setting activated. The device will send a reset trigger to the external module resetting it's sequence position and starting from the beginning next time when you start your transport in Ableton Live.
With the default Ableton CV Tools' CV Clock Out when the external hardware receives the reset trigger on start, then it will be out of sync with Ableton Live. If your clock is set to 1/16th, then the external sequencer will lag 1/16th. Sending the reset trigger on stop prevents this problem.

When the "Stop" setting is activated, the device will only send a simple trigger, disregarding the Gate/Trigger settings on the CV Clock Out module. Those settings only apply to the "Start" trigger. This could be improved in a future release, the current version was tested to work well with the Vpme Euclidean Circles v2 as demonstrated on the youtube link.

- Recreated the device and have freezed the max patch before saving to make sure that live dependencies like the audio output selector bpatcher is saved into the patch.
- Initial release.

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Downloads: 738
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: May 01 2022 02:13:50
Date Last Updated: May 01 2022 10:35:03
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: CV Clock Out with Stop Trigger for Reset Sync.amxd


Literally made an account just to say you?re the goat for this

Thank you so much! The reset on stop behavior was exactly what I needed!

Thank you great device works good!!

Maybee you can combine it with the Dfam Reset Device this would be awesome!!

This sounds amazing but the stupid DFAM doesn't have a reset which makes me want to cry

Thanks man! this is basically a crucial part of my live setup. If anybody runs into problems. Remove, re-download and re-install to your project. This seems to glitch out a lot when ever I change my sound device. Try a fresh untouched patch. Fixed the issue.

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