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Name/Version: Micronized Upright Piano 2.2
Author: PatriceElise  
Description: Microtonal Upright Piano has 88 individual key channels. Sound clips were recorded at 192k/24bit from my 1927 Janssen upright piano. Each clip is the pitch C in each octave and even some tritones in the middle registers. These clips are pitchshifted downwards filling in each chromatic key between octaves. Input keys are retuned according to the selected tuning system, tuning frequency, and chromatic mode.

Microtonal features:

- SYSTEM selects the quantity of pitches per octave and affects the Modal function and Tuning function.
- Conventional tuning system of 12EDO is SYSTEM setting 12tone from a range of 12tone–36tone.

- TUNE selects an integer as the frequency center and affects the Shifting function and Tuning function.
- Standard tuning frequency of A440Hz is TUNE setting 55Hz from a range of C32Hz–B63Hz.

- MODE selects a mode of the chromatic genus and affects only the Modal Function.
- Default chromatic is MODE setting 5 from a range 0–11.

Additional features:
- Key Lift applies the mechanical noise of a key return.
- Foot Pedals to allow only note-on values.
- Release time in ms for specific articulation — Legato, Naturale, Staccato, and Open.

Version 2.1 Updates:
- Updated UI & annotations
- Added Soft Pedal & Sostenuto Pedal
- Removed key stops on highest register
- Reworked the velocity formula for better decibel range
- Attenuated the harmonics in the lower two registers
- Slightly attenuated the highpass boost

Version 2.2 Updates:
- Updated UI & Annotations & Labels
- Name change Keylift to KeyUp & added LoP for noise

High CPU Usage, 48k or lesser sample rate preferred


Device Details

Tags synth, sampler, other
Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.2
Date Added: Mar 23 2022 05:00:00
Date Last Updated: Nov 01 2022 04:15:19
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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