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Name/Version: volca sample2 polyphonic chromatic player 1.0
Author: rafaelpernil  
Description: Did you know you can turn your volca sample2 into a 8 voice polyphonic sample player?

This new revision of the volca sample has CC#49 for chromatic pitch, independently addressable to each channel and covering all MIDI notes, a quite interesting capability to compete with first revision's Pajen firmware.

That's why I have developed a Max4Live plugin that enables a KORG volca sample2 to operate as an 8-voice polyphonic sample player while providing a simple sample selection that propagates to all voices.

Now, how does this work?

1. Create a MIDI track
2. Insert this plugin
4. Select your desired input
3. Select volca sample as output
4. Duplicate this track 7 times (until you have 8 tracks)
5. Change the output channel of each track from 1 to 8 respectively
6. Inside this plugin, match the channel with the one set in each track (e.g. Track X, Output volca sample ch.X, Plugin Channel X)
7. Go to any track and select a Sample, it will be changed in all tracks simultaneusly

I would have wanted to make this easier but there is a limitation with MIDI outputs in Max4Live, so you need a track for each output.

If you create a project from scratch and start from track 1, the channel will be set automatically matching the track number.

Here's a tutorial and demo, you will be up and running in no time :)

"I cannot manage to make it work": Make sure you use Multi Channel mode. To change it, power on while pressing FUNC and leave Step 10 off.

"I have troubles connecting my sample2 via USB, the driver fails/is unstable": Try uninstalling KORG USB-MIDI driver and use Windows default driver

"Some notes don't register when using long samples and not releasing notes": It's a known issue, due to the limitations of Max4Live. I wanted to implement a Round Robin algorithm but Max4Live has limitations communicating different instances of the same plugin, thus, it cannot know which channel is next. Currently it has a simpler implementation, the number of keys pressed is the channel: 1 key, channel 1, 5 keys, channel 5... It's not perfect but it works pretty well.

Have fun!

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Downloads: 196
Tags sampler, utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.25
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Feb 13 2022 21:18:05
Date Last Updated: Feb 13 2022 22:07:20
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Device File: volca_sample2_poly_chromatic_player_v1_0.amxd

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