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Name/Version: PLAYSTATION Live Remote 3.8
Author: RogueLeada  
Description: control Live with Playstation gamepads.

I recommand using PS3 gamepad because every button is pressure sensitive. I only own a ps3 gamepad, so I hope PS4 mode also works without too much buggs.

at first choose the PS3/PS4 you will use (IDs are not the same), then make sure to pick your gamepad in the hid device list MENU, then you are good to go!

there are basically 6 modes, choose the mode by pressing SELECT+ the button corresponding.

3 "session" modes: ClipREC , Vol/Pan , SENDS.
only the Right stick behaviour changes. the D-pad, L1, R1, L2, R2 are used to control device parameters. the Left stick is used to navigate in session view.

3 midi modes: MIDI, CHORDS and SCALES.

in these 3 modes the left Stick acts as a Pitchbend+Modwheel "à la Roland",
e. g. the modwheel "springs" to 0 so it's perfect for controlling a vibrato (or an lfo amount), but less perfect for filtering or dynamic crossfading an Orchestral instrument.

there are 8 midi notes in the MIDI mode.
you can choose which note plays each buttons with the D-pad (or with the mouse in the pop-up window) , for instance keep pressing X, while scrolling with the D-pad vertically to moove by semitone or horizontally by octave.

CHORD Mode let you assign chords on each of 12 buttons of the gamepad,
Inside the pop-up window, clic LEARN on the button you want to assign a chord, then play some notes (on a midi keyboard or with the mouse on the virtual KB) finally Re clic LEARN,

SCALE mode can be accessed by pressing SELECT+R2, get scales from/to Live, similar to the MIDI mode so that 8 notes are playable, but more suited to choose and play scales.
holding the D-PAD UP button not only "get scale" from Live but also let you choose with the right stick, the Root note and the actual scale.

I recommand using this device once in a set, in a bespoke "master midi track" which will feed every other midi track by choosing the "Midi master" as the input source in the routings of the "slave" tracks, and by turning the monitor "IN" on the master midi track.
Since it acts as a Live API control surface, no midi mapping is required at all. This device is capable of auto arming tracks, launch, record, erase clip, moving faders , pan , control up to 8 sends, device parameters...
But also sending midinotes, pitchbend and modwheel.

v3.7: added a "Right Stick Sens" fader in the Pop-Up window, this adjust the speed of the Right Stick in VOL/PAN & SENDS modes.

v3.5 added channel aftertouch sensitivity to the CHORD mode (PS3 only), poly aftertouch is also possible in chord mode, it will work if a note of the corresponding button in MIDI mode matches one note of the learned chord and it will apply the aftertouch only to this note, indeed you will need to desengage the channel aftertouch for this behaviour.

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Downloads: 82
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Dec 28 2021 13:03:31
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2022 10:36:24
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Device File: PLAYSTATION Live Remote 3.8.amxd

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