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Name/Version: UprightPiano 1.0
Author: PatriceElise  
Description: High CPU Usage, recommended sample rate: 48k

This device uses record samples from my 1927 Janssen Upright. It is a full-size 88-key range with a 16-channel Bi-stereo (4-channel) sampler at a 48k/24bit audio quality. Channel mix of a Piano dynamic in Channels 1-2 and a Forte dynamic in Channels 3-4 using an Exponential Velocity function as well as a release-time variable for each audio sample. It’s optimal setting is for solo piano or a small ensemble.

Effects include Gain, Low-Shelf filter, High-Shelf filter, Width, and Reverb. There are two preliminary Low-Shelf filters. One attenuates -24db below 16Hz, acting as a low-cut filter, and the other attenuates -3db below 1000Hz. Low-Shelf filter has a range 16–160Hz with its gain is fixed at -12db and Q is fixed at 0db. High-Shelf filter has a range 1600–16000Hz with its gain is fixed at -12db and Q is fixed at 0db. Width adds the inverted signal of the opposite channel to the original signal of the initial channel. 100% yields original stereo signals, and 200% adds half of inverted signals. Reverb creates a small room setting for an upright piano setup. Uses 30ms low-feedback Delay with High-Shelf filters, set at 8000Hz each, are placed pre- and post-Delay.



Device Details

Tags sampler, effect, other, beta
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Nov 23 2021 16:39:16
Date Last Updated: Nov 25 2021 17:25:15
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): Commercial

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