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Name/Version: Oscilloscope 1.02
Author: ARFAL  
Description: Hi ! Here is Oscilloscope !

As its name suggests, "Oscilloscope" allows you to observe the incoming signal of the current selected track like a traditional oscilloscope would do. I didn't find a Max device doing it properly, so I made one. :)

One important point is that you’ll need ONLY 1 INSTANCE per session. All you have to do is to load the "Oscilloscope" device on the track of choice, open the floating window and configure his position and his size (it was originally designed to fit in empty, or not so used, boxes of Live, like the groove pool, overview or information ones). Once it’s done you can save it in a template, or as a preset, to avoid doing these steps the next time you'll start a new session.

Here is a list of the Oscilloscope features:

- Only one instance needed: « Oscilloscope » displays the signal, the name and the color of the selected track (even Master track),
- Floating window: zoomable, resizable, integrable in the Live environment,
- 5 presets slots to save and load user settings (mappable for recall),
- Pre FX / Post FX / Post Mixer: Input selector (affects all the selected tracks),
- Lock: displays only the signal of the selected track when closing the padlock,
- Left / Mono / Right channel selectors + Unlink/link Left & Right channels button,
- Phase Shift Visualization: The "Left channel" is the reference,
- 2 synchronized modes based on detected pitch values: Auto (custom time based synchronization, n*T (periods) ) & Manual (horizontal zoom),
- Filter (LPF) parameter to limit the bandwidth and avoid artifacts/ get a cleaner signal display. To get best stabilization results, try to not filter out lower than the lower frequencies of the signal you want to observe,
- Monophonic Pitch Detection display (thanks to « sigmund~ » by Volk Bohm, links at the end of the description),
- « Vertical Zoom Slider » and Reset button,
- « Curves Thickness Slider » and Reset button, 
- Dark / Bright Background,
- Freeze Button,
- Decay: this value defines the time that the curves take to disappear,
- Direction (Up & Down): changes the start direction of the curves,
- Show / Hide Parameters: Click on the opened eye to close it and make most of the parameters disappear,
- Live window Auto-Refocus (thanks to « live.front » by 11olsen, links at the end of the description), this avoids having to click twice on the Live window to recover focus,
- Push2 optimized.

The main purpose of this device is to allow you to observe, in real time, the way in which audio processing affects your signal. It works best with clean and individual sound (like bass, synth, etc…) but can also do a pretty good job on all sort of stuff from the time « Oscilloscope » can perform the synchronization.

In your downloaded Oscilloscope file you’ll find:

- Oscilloscope.amxd
- Oscilloscope (docked).amxd
- A folder called « Package (Live 11 ONLY) ». Inside this folder you’ll find a video file !!! Installation !!! and a package ARFAL - Oscilloscope. This package permits to integrate "Oscilloscope" and "Oscilloscope (docked)" in the “Audio Effects” section , in the “Utilities” folder. This is experimental so PLEASE follow carefully the “!!! Installation !!!” video and install at your own risk !


sigmund~ by Volker Böhm

live.front by 11olsen

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Nov 19 2021 12:03:20
Date Last Updated: Nov 22 2021 15:48:51
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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