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Name/Version: Scene Select and CUE the next scene 1.0
Author: AbletonKurse  
Description: This device is free / pay-what-you-want!

This Max for Live device fixes a missing feature when using Ableton Live 11 Scene Follow Action:
When using Scene Follow Actions e.g. going to the next scene - the "select next scene" is not moving. If you stop Ableton Live's Transport and then re-trigger the 'current selected' scene this would be the last scene BEFORE any Scene Follow Action happened. This Max for Live device will fix that for you and always select the next scene of the currently playing scene - This way your next scene in line is "CUE"'ed up.

Auto-Select + CUE the next scene!

This device is free / pay-what-you-want!

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Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 04 2021 09:20:32
Date Last Updated: May 26 2022 16:29:45
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Commercial

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