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Name | Version: zb.foldWrap 1.0
Author: ZlatkoBaracskai
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: zb.foldWrap is a foldover/wraparound distortion plugin. Folding a signal above a threshold mirrors the samples across the threshold. Wraping induces a sudden jump to the other threshold when one is crossed.
The drive parameter controls the initial gain added to the incoming signal.
The fold/wrap button switches between foldover and wraparound distortion.
The lowValue and highValue parameters control the low and high sample value thresholds according to which the signal is folded/wrapped.


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Aug 01 2011 09:28:02
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 554
License: None
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Device File: zb.foldWrap.amxd

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