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Name/Version: Headtracked Binaural E4L Mod of Master Bus 1.321
Author: d5x610  
Description: Headtracked Binaural Monitoring in Envelop For Live

This modified version of Envelop for Live's Master Bus device (8/9/2021 Release) allows for head-tracked binaural monitoring of ambisonic audio from Envelop for Live. It works with the Waves NX head tracker using Nxosc (currently Mac only), Supperware using Bridgehead, RJLab using the OSC Bridge, and FacePoseHeadTracker a webcam headtracker (MacOS 12+ only).

NEW in version 1.3: Now supports flexible input and output routing. Now you can route from Masterbus to any audio track or return track in Live. This is great for rendering out stems from an ambisonic decoder for a particular speaker array or for a binaural mix. You can also route external inputs to Masterbus and use it as a decoder for external Ambix signals.

Version 1.21 fixes some orientation issues.

Video Tutorials by Prof. Michael Wagner

The Waves NX implementation currently only works on Mac. This is only limited by the lack of a bridge for the data to get from the head tracker to Max on Windows. Please contact me if you know a solution. There are known compatibility issues with Max versions prior to 8.2, where the 3D dummy head will not show up. Update to the latest Max for full operation.

Instructions for Use:

1. If using the Waves NX, download Nxosc at and establish a connection with your Nx head tracker. If using Supperware, download Bridgehead at and establish a connection. In Bridgehead, go to the Bridge Settings and under Profile select "Quaternion (composite)". If using RJLab, download OSC Bridge at Set the /quaternions to "qX, qZ, -qY, qW". If using FacePoseHeadTracker download app at
2. Download Envelop for Live at and create an ambisonic Live Set. Replace the E4L Master Bus with the included "E4L_Master_Bus_for_Head_Tracking" (must be on an audio track). Select the appropriate head tracker mode for your device. If your head tracker is set up properly, you should now see the 3D head animating and the numbers changing in the bottom portion for Yaw, Pitch and Roll.
3. In the E4L Master Bus, select one of the three binaural settings. Enjoy!

Binaural Settings:

1. Binaural 2D - Uses minimal CPU, but does not render the height channel, so you sacrifice some accuracy.
2. Binaural (3rd Order) - 3rd Order HOA rendering, which is accurate, but CPU intensive. Uses 25 HRIRs from IRCAM database.
3. Binaural Youtube - This is the algorithm that Youtube uses for binaural rendering of ambisonic audio. This one is lean on CPU but still sounds great in full 3D 360. More info at Google's github.


1. To reposition the center, orient your head to your desired center point (looking at the screen most likely), and then click the CENTER button.
2. Channel 1/2 is for the head tracked binaural monitoring. Channel 3/4 5/6 is for first order direct Ambix signal, which can then be output using a multi output device for recording in external software.
3. Clicking 3D head display switches between modes: mirror view, plan view and off.
4. Use the "auto" button to auto-populate the Masterbus inputs to external inputs numbered in tandem.
5. If you have any questions, comments or ideas send them to

Envelop Stream Set-up (Mac):

1. Install Blackhole (free) at
2. Quit Chrome if open. Then go to System Preferences/Sound and set the Output to "BlackHole 16ch".
3. Open Chrome and navigate to Envelop Stream. You can run the test stream at In settings, select "Ambisonics (16ch Ambix)".
4. In Live, go to audio settings and set the input to Blackhole 16ch, and in Input Config make sure all the stereo inputs are active.
5. In Masterbus, go to Input routing and click the Auto button. Masterbus should now have an Ambix feed that you can decode how you'd like.

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Downloads: 530
Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.41
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Nov 02 2021 19:28:06
Date Last Updated: May 25 2022 19:18:16
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Device File: E4L_Master_Bus_for_Head_Tracking.amxd

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