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Name/Version: MicronPiano 1.1
Author: PatriceElise  
Description: High CPU Usage, recommended sample rate: 48k

This device uses record samples from my 1927 Janssen Upright. It is a full-size 88-key range with a 16-channel Bi-stereo (4-channel) sampler at a 48k/24bit audio quality. Channel mix of a Piano dynamic in Channels 1-2 and a Forte dynamic in Channels 3-4 using an Exponential Velocity function as well as a release-time variable for each audio sample. It’s optimal setting is for solo piano or a small ensemble.

The microtonal formulae integrated here uses the Modal Function, Shifting Function, and Tuning Function as well as a Resampling function for retuning the recorded piano samples. The System variable selects the quantity of pitches within each Register, which is fixed at the octave. This affects the Modal Function and Tuning Function. The Mode variable selects the mode of 12-tone Chromatic Genus, applicable to non-12-tone Systems. This affects only the Modal Function. The Tuning variable selects the center frequency integer congruent to a pitch in the Chromatic Genus. This affects the Shifting Function and Tuning Function.

Effects include Gain, Low-Shelf filter, High-Shelf filter, Width, and Reverb. There are two preliminary Low-Shelf filters. One attenuates -24db below 16Hz, acting as a low-cut filter, and the other attenuates -3db below 1000Hz. Low-Shelf filter has a range 16–160Hz with its gain is fixed at -12db and Q is fixed at 0db. High-Shelf filter has a range 1600–16000Hz with its gain is fixed at -12db and Q is fixed at 0db. Width adds the inverted signal of the opposite channel to the original signal of the initial channel. 100% yields original stereo signals, and 200% adds half of inverted signals. Reverb creates a small room setting for an upright piano setup. Uses 30ms low-feedback Delay with High-Shelf filters, set at 8000Hz each, are placed pre- and post-Delay.



Device Details

Tags sampler, effect, other, beta
Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Sep 19 2021 06:39:34
Date Last Updated: Nov 25 2021 17:22:39
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): Commercial

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