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Name/Version: chordProgressions 2
Author: SebastienClara  
Description: Collection-chordProgressions contains 98 harmonic patterns sorted in 2 categories: Major and Minor.

Data of this device is based on, by Ludovic Drolez (

Find a tutorial to make a project and create melodies with this device and arpeggiators:

Cf. demo:
* v2 -
* v1 -

* Choice of a root.
* Choice of a progression between major and minor.
* Modification of the proportion of the chord durations.
* Strum effect.
* Modification of the rate of a pattern.
* Recurrent random drawing of a pattern according to a number of bars.
* Export a pattern as a MIDI clip (only works in the session view).

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With v2, I improved and fixed the algorithms. I added a new feature to realize a strum effect. To control this new parameter in accordance with the parameter that allows to set the proportion of duration between two chords, I have implemented a two-dimensional graphical control.

You can browse documentation at this url:

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Downloads: 1291
Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Sep 06 2021 09:05:28
Date Last Updated: May 21 2022 12:19:58
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device Files

Device File: Collection-chordProgressions.amxd


Collection-chordProgressions.js isn't included in this, sadly, you'll need to freeze it, I think.


Thanks for your feedback!

If you open the amxd file with a text editor, you can see at the end the js file is included.

If you unfreeze the device, I can't find the js. It's not voluntary on my part and I don't see why the js disappears.

You can reconstruct the js using the following cues:
const maxApi = require('max-api');

//next js
inlets = 1;
// outlets = 1;

This device is phenomenal! It's really opened up many new possibilities in jamming live with musicians in a simple way.

Is it ok to make a request? I think making the chord selection arrows midi mappable would be very useful. Then I can change patterns without having to go to a keyboard.


I'm glad you like it !

I am very busy at the moment. I quickly made a new implementation, but I did not test it.

If other people are interested in this development version, I will update the device.


Fantastic Sebastien! Love it... I just left you a tip on Tipeee...

I have another question... do you plan to add sync functionality to this device, like you did with Melopoeia?

This family of devices does not have the same engine as the Degrees family.

However, you can use Live's arp and Live's MIDI routing to perform a sync.

I prepared a tuto that I did not have the opportunity to disclose.

I don't really have time to do an article about it, but I'm sharing the sources here:

Analyze the project and you will discover how to sync the different parts!

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