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Name | Version: GMaudio Ducker 1.0
Author: groovmekanik
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: The Kick drum is the foundation of Electronic Music. The timing of your Bass instruments is paramount. GMaudio Ducker is a sample accurate side-chain tool designed to help you get your low-end thumping!

Side-chain compression is a technique commonly used to ensure that your Bass doesn't get in the way of your Kick. The problem is, that it's simply not accurate, and things like plugin delay compensation just skew this even more.

This device uses Transient Detection to trigger an ideal envelope for Bass volume control, that is always on time and 100% accurate.

- The Attack curve is fixed and designed to avoid any pops/clicks.
- The Release curve is adjustable from logarithmic to exponential, allowing for the perfect crossfade between your Bass and Kick.
- Increasing the Release and Amount beyond values of 100 will increase the length of time that your Bass is muted.
- The visualisation helps you identify your signals easily and makes dialling in settings an absolute breeze.

The reason why your Bass must be 100% muted to avoid clashing with your Kick has to do with the way audio signals are summed together. Even a small amount of Bass while your Kick transient hits will skew the summed waveform, resulting in a different Kick transient with every drum hit. This device ensures that your Kick's Transient remains consistent and allows you to smoothly transition from Kick to Bass so that they become one Instrument, resulting in maximum headroom and a stronger low-end! can always add side-chain compression after this device to create more variation in the groove of your bass, but without using a tool like this, your just making life harder for yourself... Do yourself, and your music a favour, and grab GMaudio Ducker Now!

This device works in Live 10.1 or 11, Standard (with Max For Live) or Suite.

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Live Version Used: 11.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Aug 11 2021 00:48:16
Date Last Updated: Aug 11 2021 00:48:51
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License: Commercial
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Just bought it. Sounds Just like what I need for the bass.

Is it also possible to use it on non-bass material or is it strictly used on Low end audio?
Looks amazing!!!
absolutely @audiojet !! The envelope is tuned to be as fast as possible while minimising distortion of low frequency signals which are the most prone to pops and clicks, this means you can use it on anything and never have to worry about it creating any audile distortion.

I personally use it on any type of synth I want out of the way of my kick.

There's nothing stopping you from using it more creatively for precise gating type effects or subtly to inject some rhythm too... Music is about exploration so go nuts!
Thanks again AYA :)
thanks for the reply. Works just like described. Great plugin.
It is an absolute gem and incredibly simple and convenient device.

At the moment I use it on many roads, and sometimes even more than two instances in succession, it works flawlessly!

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