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Name/Version: MIDI SCATTER BETA V5 1.0
Author: clevel  
Description: 'MIDI SCATTER' Device
Inspired by the 'Chase Play' Features of the Roland Jx10 as well as a healthy dose of randomization and arpeggiator features. Could also be described as a polyphonic random note follower.

TIME: Controls the length of the tempo-subdivided delayed notes. 8 lengths are stored. Ranging from 1nd-16nd. Increasing the time multiplies those timings thru a translate objects 1-4 fold in relative miliseconds.
Excludes or includes Triplets in the value of 1nt, 2nt, 4nt, 8nt
OCTAVE: Transposes the delayed signal up or down by two octaves.

Intended application:
Load an instrument track with a String/Brass/Slow Pad patch. Then load a second instrument patch with a shorter, more percussive EP/Harpsi/Pizz Patch and place the MIDI SCATTER device on it. Upon playing a chord, you will hear a 'scattered' delayed signal, relative to the tempo. Each voice allocation (8 voices in current beta) possesses its own random number gen to trigger a delayed voice at a subdivision of Live's tempo. The result is a polyphonically 'comped' chord tone that changes with each voice retrigger.

Looking for any and all. Especially criticism of my workflow and use of objects. Also wondering how i could better use abstractions rather than copied, edited and renamed patchers. In the future I would like to add:
'Free Tempo' divisions. Not sure what a usable range of time would be or how the voices should relate to each other.
'Even/Odd Mode' Every even or odd note would have its delay time linked to create a rhythmic ostinato between voices.
'Arpeggiator Mode' Voices would be retriggered thru a feedback loop relative to their subdivided delay to create a truly random polyphonic 'chase play' per trigger.

I welcome any and all feedback. If you need more longform communication please email me @

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Downloads: 197
Tags beta
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Feb 13 2021 21:43:27
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: MIDI SCATTER 5.amxd


Pretty interesting!

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