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Name | Version: retuner - midi controlled harmoniser 1.0
Author: jamesholden
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: retuner is a midi controlled harmoniser. there is nothing very clever inside, it's just a nice yellow interface for controlling a neat max/msp object called retune~.

each retuner audio plugin retunes incoming clean monophonic audio to the nearest of the assigned pitches.

the retuner midi plugin is used to assign pitches to all of the retuner audio plugins in a project. the octave of the notes it receives determines which audio plugin gets that note. it expects notes to be held down for as long as you want them to be available for the audio plugin to use.

example usage: this is how i used it in the track 'tuesday' with waclaw zimpel's clarinet as the input. (

[MIDI TRACK] a retuner midi plugin fed by a midi loop of a chord sequence. but: the tonic is transposed so it's in the bottom octave, the next note of each chord is transposed so it's in the next octave. my chords were just tonic+5th

[AUDIO TRACK 1] input from soloist, retuner plugin set to listen on 0
[AUDIO TRACK 2] input from soloist, retuner plugin set to listen on 1

this gives nice rich 5ths chord harmonies that are time/dynamic aligned with the soloist, so they gel with it in the mix very nicely, it becomes a single sound.


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 31 2021 14:46:54
Date Last Updated: Jan 31 2021 14:49:21
Downloads: 339
License: None
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