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Name/Version: MicroMonsta 2 Patch Randomizer 1.1
Author: biddle370018  
Description: Simple patch randomizer for the AudioThingies MicroMonsta 2. Original design credits go to user hyakken as the main interface and functional premise are copied from his elektron analog four patch randomizer.

Every Possible CC is being modulated by this device except a few like stop all sound and the mod knob.

A few notes, Amp Env Velocity Sensitivity and Filter Env Velocity Sensitivity from the VOICE section are included in their associated ENV toggle. Drive is included in FX. I think thats it. Everything else should be right where you expect it. Contrary to normal 'check boxes', when the box is WHITE the associated settings will be changed, when it is grey it is off.

Important notes about the MM2 CC list. As of now (firmware 1.0.3) there is no CC implementation for the OSC waveform or any of the Mod Matrix settings besides 'Mod Level'. Because of this, for the OSC wave I suggest randomizing and adjusting the waveforms to your liking and I recommend setting up a full mod matrix with a number of routings you enjoy and let the device mix them for you.

*UPDATE 1.1*

Added tooltips for Live's info panel.

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Downloads: 122
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Dec 14 2020 23:37:01
Date Last Updated: Dec 15 2020 21:30:57
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: MicroMonsta2Randomizer.amxd

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