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Name/Version: Midi Notes Off 1.0
Author: rEMAKER  
Description: A simplified version of Auto Flush Notes 2 by dennisdesantis( focused just on turning all incoming midi notes off as soon as you press the "NoteOff" button.

I did this because I was sending midi notes to a VSTi with my phone though Lemur and the midi kept getting stuck so there was this midi "feedback loop" created and in order to stop it I had to press somewhere else in my screen but that created other problems and then I found this device and simplified it.

I also changed the colors tell me what you think..if you don't like the colors I put just open the device through max and change the colors from the Inspector. If you can't change the colors post a comment with you own preferences(preferably a hex color code for each element in the device) and I will do it for you and reply with a link.


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Downloads: 299
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.25
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Dec 10 2020 23:47:55
Date Last Updated: Dec 10 2020 23:48:34
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: NotesOff.amxd


Thank you very much for this easy and effective device!

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