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Name/Version: gtm.tempoctrl 1.01
Author: Metrosync  
Description: I recently discovered that, while it is possible to map the Max for Live LFO device to Ableton Live's global tempo, doing so results in no audile change to the tempo despite the number changing visually. As such, I made gtm.tempoctrl, which affords a variety of ways in which to automate global tempo transitions in Ableton Live.

Version 1.01 introduces ability to unlink start tempo from Ableton Live's global tempo, allowing it to be modulated/automated.


Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.15.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 25 2020 23:25:25
Date Last Updated: Jul 30 2020 10:00:49
Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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