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Name/Version: D.M.Live Loop 1.1
Author: malov  
Description: This device is useful for DJs:
it adds Loop and Jump functionality to Ableton Live. These features are often used by DJs on CDJ players and software
such as Traktor Pro and Serato Dj Pro.
To loop clips in Session mode, just add one D.M.Live - Loop device to one of the tracks - the device works on the clip that is currently selected.
The device has 5 sections.

Section 1: Select - selection controller / focus and navigation controller. Consists of 18 buttons:
Up / Down - scene navigation.
Play - plays the selected clip.
Stop - stops the selected track.
Prev and Next - navigation between tracks,
in Step mode the selection is shifted one step to the right or left.
If you turn on the Bank mode, the eight buttons responsible for controlling the track selection are switched over.
Buttons 1 to 8 - allow you to switch fast between the selected tracks.
Name - this section displays the name of the selected or played clip in the selected track. Clicking on the title opens the Detail View in Ableton Live and shows the Waveform of the clip.
Remain - Remaining time until the end of the clip.
When you press the time as a button, it displays the amount of time played since the clip was started.
Bar Clip - Shows in detail the current position of the clip in the form of bars and beats, when you press this button, the Follow function in Ableton Live is activated.

Section 2: Loop Length - consists of 14 buttons and 2 clock displays.
Loop Length buttons allow you to set fixed-size loops in Live mode, from 1/16 to 8 measures.
Loop Back / Loop Forward - these keys - navigation of the loop movement in the clip backward or forward.
IN and OUT buttons - Use to set and finely adjust the loop in and out points.
Quantize Mode - Bar / Beat buttons to switch between modes.
Bar mode - when this mode is activated, the loop will be set from the beginning of the measure.
Beat mode - when this mode is activated, the loop will be set from the beginning of the beat.

Section 3: - allows you to manage the Quantization Menu functions in Ableton Live.
Slip Mode - when the mode is activated you can set the loop as usual, however as soon as you finish the playback position returns to where it would have been if you had not manipulated the sound.
End second Slip Mode - here you can set the time after which the Slip Mode function stops making jumps beyond the set time.
Sync - when this function is activated, if the quantization is shifted, it restores the clip's quantization and the clip continues to play synchronously with the metronome, even if the loop is set to 1/16, 1/8, and so on, the Sync function restores both the synchronization of both the clip's Quantize and the main transport bar of the sequencer.

Section 4: Jump Clip - Beat Jump - this function allows you to jump over a clip, a certain number of beats.
Beat Jump Prev / Next - buttons for performing jumps forward and backward.
Steap Beat Jump - buttons for choosing the size of the jump. (How many strokes to jump).

Section 5: Loop Presset consists of 6 buttons and 1 LED. The section allows you to save the set loops as Pressets. All Pressets are registered in the name of the clips, so you can save them with the project.
If the loop is set, by activating the Rec button you can record the Presset of the loop to any of the buttons to the right of the Rec button.
Then you can deactivate the loop by pressing the recorded Pressets again, in case the loop is deactivated the Rec button when pressed activates the Dell function which allows you to delete the selected Pressets, double-clicking removes the numbers from the clip name.
Replay button - replays Pressets loops from the beginning of the measure.

D.M.Live Loop has the ability to connect to different controllers and tablets.
An iPad app that automatically connects to Max and displays the D.M.Live Loop interface on the tablet.

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Tags effect, utility, hardware, dj, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 9.7
Date Added: Jul 09 2020 10:14:41
Date Last Updated: Jul 30 2020 15:17:30
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Would love to see a video demo of this.

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