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Name | Version: NENUPHAR 1.0
Author: tigrou666
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Nenuphar is a midi sequencer maked by Ctrl Alt Supp to control his modular hardware system (by Hermod Squarp). Of course, you can use it with Ableton instrument or Vst ! It's also fun to control it with a touch sreen.

Use it with Ableton 10.1. It can control a polyphonic instrument (4 voices), or 4 mono midi track if you place the "slave patchs" on 4 miditracks.

Open the "ableton patch exemple" the first time to see how it works, play the clock (play ableton), and have fun !

Little Problems (if you have solution, contact me) : Sometime the counter don't start at 0 but at 1 when you send Ableton clock > solution : Reset the clock by clicking on center of Nenuphar.
Sometime, the animation is locked on display when you change the ableton track (but Nenuphar works good in background) > solution : just select the ableton track where Nenuphar is placed.

Nenuphar is FREE, download it in my website.

Thank to Maxime Dangles, for help and advices, look at his max4live device, and his sounds !


Live Version Used: 10.1.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jun 29 2020 14:52:09
Date Last Updated: Jul 01 2020 09:58:56
Downloads: 0

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License: None
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That was unexpected.

Pretty impressive device, thanks!
Thank you
Amazing work !!
thank you :)
maybe for the sync you could check my device which far away simpler, but I had this kind of problem

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