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Name | Version: MIDImaPPP 0.03
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a 3-way mapper that has 128 memories that can be selected by MIDI Program Change message. The idea is that you can set the smoothing, offset or depth (scaling) of 3 mapped parameters in VSTs/plug-ins, but have different settings per Program. Should be useful when using Live 'live'!

This is a quick initial draft (the v0.03 is inherited from the host project) and so isn't perfect.

The Prog/Change switch filters out repeated Program Change messages when in the 'Change' position. The 'CV In' is the mapping target - click on the 'Map' button in your LFO or other controller device and then click on this rotary control. the three Map buttons on the right hand side allow you to map to 3 parameters in other devices. The Separate/Linked switch sends MIDI Program Changes from the 'Program' rotary control when in 'Separate' mode, and does not send MIDI Program Change messages when in 'Linked' Mode. The idea here is that in 'Separate' mode, you can use the Program rotary control to select the program in the VST/plug-in you are controlling, and then use the Store button to save the normal/invert switch, as ell as the smoothing, offset and depth rotary controls in the store with the same number. Then when you select that Program, the settings will be recalled. In 'Linked' mode, you will need to send MIDI Program Change messages from either inside Live, or from outside Live.

When I have time, I will try to write this up in my blog...


Live Version Used: 10.1.7
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: May 27 2020 21:21:37
Date Last Updated: May 27 2020 22:04:11
Downloads: 281
License: None
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Device File: MIDImaPPP_mr_0v03.amxd

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