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Name/Version: Auto Bypass Chain - audio 1.5
Author: WeirdNoise  
Description: Control rack chain and auto bypass any devices that are not in the selected chain !
Simply put this device on the left of your effet rack, hit "refresh" and use the selector to choose your active chain.
Don't forget to configure your chains so chain #1 is set for chain select 1 and so on...

- bug fixed :
device now works within a rack, inside a rack, inside a rack...
- add-on :
status led indicate that this device is locked to rack device
refresh button when you change the position of this device

- bug fixed :
chain selector remote improvment

V1.1 (22/03/2020)
first release

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Downloads: 52
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.2
Date Added: Mar 22 2020 21:59:13
Date Last Updated: Mar 27 2020 11:57:59
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial

Device Files

Device File: WeirdNoise_AutoBypassChain_V1.5 (#audio).amxd


I cool

i have made same in 2017

and this

Hey Spiralune,
thanks for the link ! Didn't know this one ;-)

I made Auto Bypass Chain as simple as I can mainly for study purpose !


You can also check this one called "Select Active Device" :

More to come soon :-)



Thank you so much ! You're the best ! :)
Merci !

Just one thing ! I suggest you to put "audio" or "midi" directly in the name of your post, because like this it can be confusing, names for "audio" and "midi" version are the same.

Hi @WeirdNoise !
I noticed an issue ! The device seems not working when grouped inside a rack !

Hey Pierrot,
I'll upload an update today. Feel free to tell me if its right now !
Thanks for your words ;-)


Hey ! Thanks for the update !!

i got a question, is it possible to make refresh automatic ?

i kinda like the simple UI in the previous version...
Sorry for requesting a lot but i think it would be nicer !

Thanks again !

Hi Pierrot,

yes, it's possible to make auto refresh but I think that is not a good solution about CPU consumption... simpler is better... if you have a trick for that, just tell me ! For now, I prefer to hit refresh when I change devices position.

Feel free to modify this device to fits your needs. If you want automatic refresh, replace refresh button by a metro object so it will bang automatically. Same thing about UI ! This device is free and it is my contribution to the max4live community :-)


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