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Name/Version: INSTframeOSCmr 0.2
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: INSTframeOSCmr is a sound generator that uses multiple oscillators to make sounds (It makes sounds all the time!). There are two pairs of frame driven parameter list loaders (A an B) controlled by two independent LFOs. The frequency spans and tuning of the frequency grid's 64 oscillators are controllable - so you can have ranges of a few hertz or the audio range, or in-between. Frame interpolation timing is controlled by the 'Smooth' control so you can determine how quickly newly loaded parameter lists affect the oscillators. The two pairs have separate output volume controls, plus a ring-modulated third volume control. Scrolling cursors show the LFO progress through the frames, and a Reset button can hurry up the response of a slow LFO.

You will need to fill in parameter values into the orange frequency grids (horizontal = oscillator index, vertical = frequency) using the mouse to draw, plus amplitude values (horiz = oscindex, vertical = amplitude) into the purple amplitude grid. Without these you will not hear any output. You can save a setting of the device using the 'Save Preset' icon in the top right hand corner of the device.

Version 0.2 adds a 'Detune' control so that you do not have to draw wobbly (or sloping) horizontal lines in the frequency grid to get bands of frequencies. The 'Stereo' output has also been improved.

This is the second iteration of this device. As usual, I release early and fix when I have time. Feedback is always welcome.

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Downloads: 742
Tags utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.1.3
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Feb 21 2020 21:52:23
Date Last Updated: Feb 25 2020 23:26:38
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Device Type: instrument_device
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Device File: INSTframeOSCmr0v02.amxd


Updated to Version 0.2. Detune control added, plus I have improved the stereo output.

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