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Name/Version: unit2 1.2
Author: macrostructure  
Description: Utility to control any parameter in Live outside a rack via an elegant LFO (based on work by synnack) and also to set any parameter to one of 4 presets over a set time, then [Revert] to LFO control afterwards (running or not running) or just to [Stop] (=LFO not running).

The preset values turn red if the value is out of range for the parameter and orange if they are in overall parameter range but there will be a jump on re-starting the LFO (due to having reduced the parameter range to less than the full range with the slider for example).

The LFO can be switched between parameters in Live without jumps, subject to the above. It always starts from a sample of the current parameter's value. This is pretty useful.

It has two modes - [Transport] and [Local]. On Transport the LFO stops/starts with main Live transport and the LFO waveform is locked to song position once started. This means that in the studio, for example, you can replicate the LFO time and again in most settings, which is useful in a production context. The Local mode uses a free running LFO and is useful in performance situations or when just noodling around in the studio perhaps.

Play around with all the controls. it's the best way to see how it works. Drag on the slider to later the LFO range.

The device can modulate itself - fun!

I use this plug in my Live sets for moving rack selectors between different presets in a musically appealing way. The functionality is quite nice.

NEWS: This is now an audio effect rather than a MIDI effect, so you can drop it into any track you like so long as you don't mind 'drop instrument here' on your MIDI tracks. If anyone wants a MIDI track version just copy the patch including the patch chords into an existing MIDI device and delete what was there before.

Note: this device writes automation data onto the parameter being controlled. we see this as a good thing.

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Downloads: 931
Tags lfo, utility
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Feb 13 2011 16:48:33
Date Last Updated: May 02 2011 18:54:11
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: unit2v1.2afx.amxd


Cool !!!
THX a lot...

v1.11 a couple of bugfixes:

1. Crosstalk between instances eliminated
2. First preset's boxes hard to select

v1.12 more...

1. device didn't always load with correct action e.g. lof off but free on would sometimes give a running lfo on loading the live set

This has been updated to work with 8.2.2 and 5.1.8 plus now saves on off state of LFO correctly and starts automatically on load if saved in the 'on' state.

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