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Name/Version: Apollo Chord Designer 1.3
Author: svankov  
Description: Design and play chords (32 slots available), pluck individual notes of the active chord, and use "free play" keys to play 3 octaves of notes, always in key. Works with mouse, grid controller, or any other controller.

Demo can be seen here:

... or on the product page linked below.


* 32 chord slots - use preset chords or create your own
* change chord type, inversion, add bass notes, spread, and change octave
* when creating custom chords, keyboard will highlight notes in the selected key and scale
* copy and paste settings from one chord slot to another
* 3 octaves of "free play" keys for playing melodies on top of chords, in the selected key and scale
* 8 additional triggers for plucking notes of the active chord
* strum option for adding strumming motions to the chords
* use with Push, Launchpad, or create a custom mapping for any other MIDI controller
* chord slots can also be triggered with the mouse
* new in V1.3 - learn chords from MIDI input

Developed with Live 9.7.7 and Max 6.1.10, but also works with latest Live 10/Max 8 versions.

Device Details

Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 6.1.10
Date Added: Jul 25 2019 04:22:19
Date Last Updated: Sep 15 2019 20:50:45
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


1.1 update now available:

- Added enable/disable buttons for each of the 3 layers (chords, free play, pluck). They can be found by the layer octave transposition number boxes on the right. Can be useful for turning layers on/off, when sequencing the device from a MIDI clip.

- Added Trigger Selected On Play option. Enable this if you want the selected chord to automatically play when you start transport.

- Chords can now also be copied between devices (only when both source and target devices are version 1.1 or higher).

- Bug fixes

1.3 update now available:

- Fixed incorrect notes in Lydian and Locrian data tables.

- Added MIDI Learn functionality when editing chords in Edit Mode. Now you can learn chords from other plugins, or MIDI input.

- Added Clear Notes button in Edit Mode.

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