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Name/Version: Apollo Chord Designer 1.4
Author: svankov  
Description: Design and play chords (32 slots available), pluck individual notes of the active chord, and use "free play" keys to play 3 octaves of notes, always in key. Works with mouse, grid controller, or any other controller.

Demo can be seen here:

... or on the product page linked below.


* 32 chord slots - use preset chords or create your own
* change chord type, inversion, add bass notes, spread, and change octave
* when creating custom chords, keyboard will highlight notes in the selected key and scale
* copy and paste settings from one chord slot to another
* 3 octaves of "free play" keys for playing melodies on top of chords, in the selected key and scale
* 8 additional triggers for plucking notes of the active chord
* strum option for adding strumming motions to the chords
* use with Push, Launchpad, or create a custom mapping for any other MIDI controller
* chord slots can also be triggered with the mouse
* new in V1.3 - learn chords from MIDI input

Developed with Live 9.7.7 and Max 6.1.10, but also works with latest Live 10/Max 8 versions.

Device Details

Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 6.1.10
Date Added: Jul 25 2019 04:22:19
Date Last Updated: Mar 15 2020 16:00:16
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


1.1 update now available:

- Added enable/disable buttons for each of the 3 layers (chords, free play, pluck). They can be found by the layer octave transposition number boxes on the right. Can be useful for turning layers on/off, when sequencing the device from a MIDI clip.

- Added Trigger Selected On Play option. Enable this if you want the selected chord to automatically play when you start transport.

- Chords can now also be copied between devices (only when both source and target devices are version 1.1 or higher).

- Bug fixes

1.3 update now available:

- Fixed incorrect notes in Lydian and Locrian data tables.

- Added MIDI Learn functionality when editing chords in Edit Mode. Now you can learn chords from other plugins, or MIDI input.

- Added Clear Notes button in Edit Mode.

1.4 update now available:

The new Link feature allows you to link triggered pads to corresponding sequences in our Arpeggio Designer device, enabling you to create expressive monophonic and polyphonic phrases based on chord input from Apollo Chord Designer. Link can also be used with multiple Arpeggio Designer devices on different channels, allowing you to trigger mutliple instrument phrases from a single instance of Apollo Chord Designer.

Short demo here:

This is hands down the best chord plugin for the launchpad! It let's you play each individual note of the chord and is highly customizable. I have mine set up in a rack, so I can use an expression pedal to fly through chord inversions. I also set up a second footswitch in my teensy, so I can bank between two instances of this, and have access to twice as many chords! This is the first comment I've left in my time browsing this site! I have two features that I'd love to see though. Can you please allow the inversion and bass note to be midi mappable? This would allow me to save a lot of ram, since I currently have 8 instances of this running. Keep up the great work, and if you're looking to buy this, do it! You wont regret it!

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