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Name/Version: Fox Verb realtime reverb 1.0
Author: Jaromir  
Description: Video:

Fox Verb is a reverb with realtime controle over all parameters. Based on the Dattorro reverb algorithm.

This devices goes from spring or plate reverb sounds to big halls. By adding modulation the device can also sound like a chorus or phasor or somewhere in between. With the colour knobs the user can shape the room and materials in the room. By setting the decay knob to 10 'infinite' reverberation can be achieved.

Input/Output - Set the input and output levels.
Pre-Delay - set the delaytime before entering the reverb algorithm
Color - Adjust the room shape/material
Colour Depth- How much the room is shaped
Size - Change the size of the room
Damping - Cut the high frequencies slowly using a Moog Ladder filter
Decay - Set reverberation time. If set to 10. The reverb will go on indefinite.

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Device Details

Tags effect
Live Version Used: 9.7
Max Version Used: 8.0
Date Added: May 08 2019 12:55:43
Date Last Updated: May 15 2019 18:36:28
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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