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Name/Version: ROGUELEADAmultiVI 1.4
Author: RogueLeada  
Description: demo track :

V1.2 -envelopes changed for curved gen ones
-added sustain pedal control for poly mod
-minor bugfixed (lfo aftertouch amount in the lowpass vcf)

V1.3 -added scope on the global remote device for filter enveloppe and lfo, as well as the sum of Vcf modulation
-filter enveloppe rework (rise and fall style, decay time works for release and decay)

V1.4 -fixed velocity amount modulations will no longer "gate" out when note off (vel=0).
-added for poly voices assignation: rotate or reset, which make huge differences when releases are involved, no mode is better than another but they sound different, it depends on the playing style of the part, typically reset is cooler when using a sustain pedal cc64, and rotate work well when poly portamento is involved or "round robin" like effects.

It's a 6 voices multitrack poly synth.

It takes advantages of the multithreading by track in Ableton.
this way we can get multithreading by synth voice, which perform really better on multicore processor, as in Max4live the poly~ object can't operate in multithreading multicore, this way we can.
for those who like the oberheim sem concept of treating each voice of a poly synth, have fun.

the midi master track contains the global remote device to control the whole 6 voices. but you can act on each voice seperatly by tweaking the related track.
If a voice is "dead" simply delete the global remote and undo. a bug that appear often when loading the live set on voice 1 and 2, I don't know why but some time it happens!

2 osc per voice the "curv" parameter near "saw" knob gives some curv to the wavform to emulate analog oscillator curved wavform, to reduce the curv you have to raise to 12.

the green section is some sines harmonics which can modulate (FM) the oscillator, but you can send it directly to the vca to do additive sine synthesis, it depends on the osc enveloppe between osc A an B.

you can do PWM on both pulse and triangle

the filter enveloppe in orange work like the filter enveloppe of the CS80, with IL (initial) level wich can start at -5V and sustain on the filter frequency knob value

the LFO section in red can sync to bpm but you have to press play in Ableton.

you've got some scopes in each voices but not in the global remote

the "XOR" value under the Oscillators ADSR, is a ring modulation of raw pulses: (pulse A) * (pulse B) a bit like the Arp oddissey ring mod.

if you want to make preset I suggest you to use the global remote device (master midi track)for this purpose cause it affects all 6 voices.

have fun!

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Downloads: 403
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.0.3
Date Added: Feb 14 2019 13:47:46
Date Last Updated: Feb 12 2020 13:58:09
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Device File: RLMultiVI-v1.4

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