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Name | Version: NSynth 1.0
Author: magenta
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Uses neural networks to draw audio waveforms one audio sample at a time. Morph between different instruments in a grid.

Blog post:

Demonstration video:


Old Download Link:


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Nov 15 2018 22:38:01
Date Last Updated: May 15 2023 21:44:55
Downloads: 1

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License: None
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Why is the link dead?
Download link works in Firefox. Didn't work in Chrome for me. No way to delete previous comment as far as I can see.
Perhaps the open source project is more useful than this as it doesn't seem capable of processing any other waveforms than the included pre-grid mp3 files.
The link isnt dead, just do right click and copy the link, then paste it in another window and the download will launch !
anyone else having issues on 11? no audio comes out
yes, i had issues on 11. Unfortunately only solved going back to 10.

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