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Name | Version: ROLAND JUNO-106 MIDI SysEx Controller 1.1
Author: Pibo
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: ROLAND JUNO-106 Max for Live 8 device.

Control your JUNO-106 hardware directly from Ableton Live 10.


1. Create a new External Instrument track and select the "MIDI To" and "Audio From" related to your JUNO-106 hardware connections.
2. Insert JUNO-106.amxd into that track.


1.0 First release.
1.1 GUI redesign.


- At this moment this device only works from Ableton to the Roland Juno 106. If you move any slider directly on the physical synth, the sliders on the screen won't move.
- Managing patches (sounds) is not yet supported.


@Roda and @Odeso for the previous versions, and Darwin G. and Cory from Cycling 74 for their kindly support.


Live Version Used: 10.0.4
Max Version Used: 8.0.1
Date Added: Oct 17 2018 12:47:01
Date Last Updated: Jan 26 2019 16:10:58
Downloads: 955
License: None
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Device File: JUNO-106.amxd


Beautiful work! Very happy about this as my filter slider is broken, so I can finally control it properly again.
Hi, I love this M4L instrument, it's really saved me a lot of work.
However, I've noticed that when you assign an automation track to one of the parameters, if that automation is 'smooth', IE a linear increase or slow sine wave, it can overwhelm the MIDI bus as Live is sending many thousands of very fine adjustments into the instrument.

I've made a change that I'd like you to consider, which adds fixed CC assignments to each of the parameters:

By using modulation instead of automation, you can use the standard MIDI CC values to alter the instrument's parameters, thus only sending a MIDI event when a value changes.

Can't seem to get it transmit any data, won't change any parameters on the synth
Hello mate! Tried this in Live 10 and 11 but can't get it working for the life of me. Checked MIDI channels, tried different cables, different midi interfaces. Would LOVE to get this to work so any pointers would be incredible.
Thank you squeeb!

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