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Name/Version: 3rd Hand 0.01
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: 3rd Hand was inspired by a ‘drone’ concert that I attended. The opening ‘build’ took about 10 minutes, and was astonishingly effective - there’s something about a big sound that starts out quiet and gradually gets louder and louder! So I wondered how to do this in Ableton Live, and 3rd Hand is the result…

3rd Hand is a timed volume control. You press the ‘Up’ button and the volume goes up. You press the ‘Down’ button and the volume goes down. If you change your mind, then pressing the button again reverses the direction! You can set the time that it takes to go from silence to full volume from a few seconds to over 45 minutes. Yep, three quarters (fourths) of an hour. (For people who like to really let something build at its own pace…)

Because 3rd Hand is a volume control, then the first control, labelled ‘Output’ is a… volume control. It lets you set the maximum output, and has quite a lot of gain for maximum flexibility. Just set the Up time to a short time and press the ‘Up’ button, and wait until you get to the 100% ’Maximum volume’ level, and then adjust the Output control to the loudest you want to reach. 3rd Hand alters the volume of anything that you pass through it, so you should put it at the end of your effects processing chain.

The Up and Down time controls have a big range. If nothing seems to be happening, then make sure that the ‘M’ setting isn’t several Minutes… The bug reports that I got from the beta versions were all along the lines of: ‘Doesn’t work. No output.’, followed by ‘Ah, I see!’ later on when they found that ‘M’ means minutes (and ’S’ means seconds).

Because just changing the volume is a bit limited, the remainder of the device is a standard parameter mapping controller. You use the big ‘Map’ button to choose a parameter in Live that you want to control, and the you adjust the ‘Depth’ to set how much effect it will have on the parameter, with maybe some Offset added. You can invert the way the parameter follows the volume change - Normal tracks the volume, Invert goes the opposite way. So, for example, you could start out with lots of reverb and gradually remove it as the volume grows, or pan from one side to the other, or add chorus/echo as the volume rises… Whatever works in context.

3rd Hand is meant to be used in live performance. You could use it otherwise, of course. Anyway, enjoy big slow builds!

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Downloads: 696
Tags effect, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jul 24 2018 19:39:30
Date Last Updated: Jul 24 2018 20:20:30
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Device File: 3rdHANDperf_a_mr0v01.amxd

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