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Name/Version: LFOLFO 0.6
Author: synthesizerwriter  
Description: LFOLFO is an experimental 'Multiplying' LFO. It is based on the idea that being able to switch the range of an LFO can be used to generate a number of interesting audio effects, and so the design is optimised to enable easy control of the Rate and Multiply controls. The prototype was produced as a response to a question posed by Russell Alderton on the 'Max For Live Users' Group on Facebook, and it has undergone extensive development since then.

The Rate (Frequency) of the LFO can be modulated via two controls: Rate and Multiply. The Rate control is a conventional frequency control, whilst the Multiply control has four modes that provide several ways to affect the frequency. A multiply value of 'x 1.' produces an output frequency as shown on the Rate control, whilst a multiply value of 'x 0.5' produces an output frequency of half the value shown on the Rate control, and a multiply value of 'x 2.' produces an output frequency of twice the value shown on the Rate control.

The Rate and Multiply controls both have their own dedicated Sub LFOs, which can be used to modulate them, and this is shown graphically in a display underneath the controls. The LFO output waveform is shown as a backdrop to the whole MaxForLive device, thus providing a 'history' of recent changes to the waveform.

Each Sub LFO has multiple output waveforms, and the waveform selection of Sub2 can be controlled by Sub1. The output waveform of the LFO itself can be selected using a vertical selector, or via two modulation modes: one that counts the number of cycles that have been output, and a second mode that uses a third Sub LFO (Sub3). Both modulation modes use a probability grid that can provide sophisticated control over the sequencing of output waveforms.

The output waveform can be further processed by three controls: Smooth, S&H and Decimate (which do what their titles suggest). Finally, Offset and Depth controls. plus an Invert button allow fine tuning of the range of effect on the controlled parameter - which is selected using the 'Map' button.


In terms of modular equivalents, then reproducing this functionality in my modulars took anything from 6 to 10 separate 'basic' modules, with lots of patch cords (and some limitations), so I'd rate it as about 8 ME.

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Downloads: 999
Tags lfo, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jul 01 2018 11:52:18
Date Last Updated: Jul 01 2018 17:59:21
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Device File: LFOLFO_mr_0v06.amxd

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