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Name | Version: Most Simplest 1.0
Author: CaligulaCuddles
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a device I made for filtering samples based on the MIDI note input. It's built on the guts of Max's phenomenal More Simpler device, but with an unnecessarily convoluted set of filters built it.

The short of it: It's More Simpler. Click the Filters button and it opens a bunch of filtering options. There are six pitch notch filters with harmonic intervals related to the fundamental pitch of the midi note. The last one can be defined by using the number box to designate a multiple of the fundamental frequency of the MIDI note. Click on a filter and it's active. There's also a high pass, low pass, and band pass filter with an adjustable Q for each, and a multiplier for the low pass filter to define how many octaves above the fundamental you want the filter to be.

There are also Initial and Destination values for all of the frequencies. These are related to the Time knob. The sampler will perform a linear transition from the first set of filters to the second set over the course of the time designated by that Time setting. There's also a makeup gain slider just in case the filtering is losing volume or is being boosted too much.

The graph at the far right shows an approximation of the filter series, but it's set to a single, static frequency base (due to the filters being assigned to the polyphony of the individual MIDI notes).

Some people may find this useful, but chances are most people might prefer the original Max patch; I just found this useful for foley samples that I needed a more pronounced root note from.

Drop me an email if you have questions. I hated building this toward the end, and I'm not sure I'll change anything to it any time soon.
The original can be found here:

And to the mods: let me know if I need to take this down. I figured the original was free, and I've seen things like altered versions of the Granulator on here as well, so I figured why not...


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0
Date Added: Jun 23 2018 07:18:12
Date Last Updated: Jun 23 2018 07:40:13
Downloads: 995
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Most Simplest.amxd

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