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Name/Version: High precision Circuit Rack 17
Author: xanadu  
Description: High precision Circuit Rack

Bugfix update 17 is uploaded.

This set of MaxForLive objects are used to set up your Novation Circuit as a high precision MIDI controller for Ableton Live racks. The 8 faders for Synth 1 & 2 and Drum 1 & 2 are used to control a maximum of 4 Live racks.


First you have to setup your connections. To connect to the Circuit on a MIDI track the device called ‘Circuit Rack IO MIDI.15.amxd’ is used. MIDI in and out of the track must be set to must be set to your Circuit port 1 for Synth 1, port 2 for Synth 2 or 10 for Drum 1 & 2.
Alternatively you can install the MIDI Remote Scripts to setup your Circuit as a Control Surface. This control Surface is then connected to the ‘Circuit Rack IO MIDI.15.amxd’ with a MIDI connection on the track. This works, but costs a MIDI track. You can place the ‘Circuit Rack IO Effect.15.amxd’ device on the master track to get the connections out of the way.
The ‘Circuit MIDI Rack 15.amxd’ is placed left of an instrument rack to control it. To control an effect rack the ‘Circuit Rack IO Effect.15.amxd’ device is used.


After some experimenting I was able to expand the faders from 0-127 tot 0-2047 steps. This is accomplished by resetting the internal value of the fader several times when it is turned. When the fader is turned fast you can go from 0 to 2047 in one go. When you turn it slower speed is down for high precision control.
The speed of the fader is adjustable. When you click on the device inside Ableton Live you can adjust the speed form 1/1 (fast) to 1/16 (no acceleration).

Automation from the Circuit

The high precision does not work with automation from the circuit to Live. To accomplish automation you must set the precision to MIDI. Now the fader works in normal MIDI mode and automation is handled correctly.

Version Ableton Live

This set of devices where written using Ableton Live 10 Beta including MaxForLive 8. They where tested on Live 9.7.5 using MaxForLive 6 and 7. The user interface needed a little update, which is done. The acceleration is considerable slower. This is not adjusted (yet). It seems Live 10 is handling MIDI on a faster rate, which of course is a good thing.

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Downloads: 245
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Dec 17 2017 13:43:59
Date Last Updated: Dec 17 2017 20:18:46
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Device File: Circuit


Unfortenately there were some bugs. These were fixed in version 17.


Hi - I would really love to use this device but can't get it to work in Live 10.

Could you please make more clear step-by-step instructions or maybe a video?

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